sábado, 20 de fevereiro de 2010

Cyber gigolo

Behind the monitor there may be someone that does not only want your money or your body. They may want your soul or feelings. How can someone be ready to take advantage of the needy in the internet world? .......A young game developer , spends all his time with young game maniacs on line and starts losing interest in the real world. He wins an international trip and wants to prove that the virtual world is not just a waste of time. After , his parents separate he starts to teach Julie , which is his mother , the tricks to use the net. After finding out that cibernetics relationships have become a fad and possibly dangerous , he tries to warn her , but she starts using the social on line networks and becomes compulsive and escapes from reality. All of a sudden the families` life changes , with a big attack on the emotional structure of the family. After this their way of thinking quickly changes about the virtual world and they start to look into the sub virtual world to find these horrible prof

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