segunda-feira, 20 de junho de 2011

Fallen, the Liones platoon roars

If it were the "weapon of mass destruction" of Saddan a stargate to the biblical times in the past, the story could be changed?

Four Marines deployed in Iraq disappear. A woman receives a military notifiication. her husband had been "killed in action". when she gets back clothes of the dead military, finds one artifact with Sumerian tablets. The word "treasure thieves" scrawled in his diary, leads the woman to take a journey with formers female Marines, the liones, through the deserts of the Middle East, retracing a journey of 4000 years by Moses, pursued by Pharaoh and records of Daniel in the Bible. And the trail of the missing Marines.A link to the past opens. And it can change our history as we know.

A story, according to the Zecharia Sitchin teory, in the Genre with elements of Supernatural, Time travel, Especulation Fiction, Hard Sci-fi and Military subgenre.