quarta-feira, 16 de junho de 2010



                                  Lethal green

Beware. Is there Something wrong with the wether around the world and it can reach you. And begins no so far from you.

What could be more lethal to humanity since the glacial era? Watch your back. Are you ready to the worse?



Thirty year old Regis Ricci, an ambitious ex-reporter for CNN in Baghdad, dreams of receiving a recommendation for the Pulitzer Prize in Investigative Journalism.

In 2009 he does a report on the relationship between drug trafficking in Rio de Janeiro and the Colombian drug cartel. Infiltrated in a drug dealer's stronghold, he is found and has been seriously wounded. When he tries to go back to his old life, he discovers that his tapes have been stolen by his brother-in-law Carlo Mendell, who ends ups winning an international journalism award with the report.

Determined to investigate his brother-in-law and helped by his nephew Allan, a hacker, and Daniel R., an experienced reporter, he discovers that there is something more valuable that drugs motivating the greed of his brother-in-law, his assistant Simone and a certain Senator: a huge diamond mine in the Amazon Jungle.

When he meets up again with Anna Mizian, his old girlfriend, he discovers that they have a daughter together who suffers from cerebral palsy and requires special medical care. His notions about emotional commitments and everyday life are challenged. Finding himself to be increasingly involved with Anna and with the outlook of being a father, he accepts a job offer. However, his nephew Allan disappears, lured by the drug trafficking trade.

With all roads leading to the jungle, there is still something holding him back from travelling to the Amazon: his fear of venomous animals. Regis has reached his breaking point. He has to decide whether to go and rescue Allan, or to lead a peaceful life by Anna's side with his daughter.

When he goes to find Anna, he is hit with a bombshell. He finds her in the arms of her brother-in-law. Amid vows of love, she reveals that Julia's biological father is none other than Mendell. The goal of keeping Regis as far away as possible from the trail of the diamond mine.

Emotionally devastated, he decides to overcome his traumas and go after Allan in the Amazon. After embarking upon survival training with Daniel, they are ambushed and he is captured. But he is no longer afraid. Quite the contrary, he now encounters a sense of balance in the midst of all the danger.

Régis being chased deeper and deeper into the jungle, where he unearths something much more sinister: an Iranian ultracentrifuge for uranium enrichment. An unimaginable location, due to the logistical ease of the raw material, uranium and warlike, due to the presence of nuclear warheads pointed at Europe and the USA. If exploded, the ultracentrifuge would leak nuclear radiation, ultimately leading to the destruction of the rain forest and imposing a threat to the entire human race.